The world doesn't end at 22 degrees, but this is your last chance at Farmers Market for the year.

Hannah harvests cilantro at the end of October!

Hannah harvests cilantro at the end of October!

We may be snowed over, but we're still going!  Above, our fall farm helper, Hannah, harvests cilantro after peeling back its snow-covered frost protection fabric.  

Happy November, local eaters!  Thank you for a wonderful last farmers market last week! For us, at least, it certainly proved that the extension to the end of October is well worth it. 

The first week with no market is always a big transition for small farms, and when it couples with the first winter storm warning of the year, we really notice!  With our extended market seasons this year, we had 28 Saturdays in a row of late Friday night harvests, early Saturday morning market setup, and the wild nine-to-noon festivities of market itself. We will miss seeing you all at market these next few months, but have to admit that sitting in the barn drinking coffee and watching the sun come up and the snow fall is rather nice this morning.  

The good news is, you can still get plenty of local produce even though market season is over!  Believe it or not, we are still harvesting, still delivering to most of our restaurant accounts, and still working in the fields. The farmstore is open all the time, and loaded with goodness: baby greens, onions, garlic, cabbages, boc choi, carrots, beets, salad turnips, and potatoes (so many potatoes, we have enacted our fall potato special:  buy 3 or more bags, and each bag is $3 instead of $5!) hot chilies, and more. There are always eggs now, as the young flock revels in cleaning up the field blocks after our final harvests. Feel free to swing by anytime that is convenient! The farmstore is always open (the sliding door sometimes gets a little sticky in wet weather, but it's never locked--just pull harder if it's stuck), and we will keep it stocked as long as possible.  If you haven't been to the farmstore before, you can find it at 76 Bell Lane; just pull on in the the driveway past the house, and enter through the sliding glass door at the front of the barn. Our roasted coffee beans are currently out of stock, but will be back on this week as soon as we pick up our pallet of raw beans from the shipping dock in Missoula, probably on Monday. 

We have been focusing most of our work this week on getting good progress on the yurt that will be our new, everything-under-one-roof home starting this winter, preparing the platform to be ready to set the yurt up hopefully late this coming week. We'll be out there today, enjoying the clearing weather that's coming in, and will be posting some updates to the Kickstarter campaign soon.  Thanks, again, to all of you who supported us there or cheered us on along the way!

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