Farm Memberships 2019

May 4 - November 9

Feedbag memberships for 2019 are full!

A few spring memberships are available.

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The eatership fund helps make farm membership affordable for lower-income families.

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Membership at SweetRoot Farm means signing up now for a full season’s worth of produce that you select weekly by filling your “Feedbag.”  Our membership emphasizes choice and flexibility: pick a large or small feedbag for the season, then fill your bag with produce of your choice at market or the farmstore on whatever day of the week works best for you. We do our best to grow an abundant and diverse range of produce. We’ll make suggestions of what to take to build a balanced bag at different points in the season, and provide guidance on how to use the veggies.  Most members sign up for all three seasons (spring-summer-fall) but limited single-season memberships are available as well. Our membership runs May 4th-November 9th, for 28 weeks of good eating.  

Why join the farm? 

Save Money: On average, members’ weekly bags of produce cost about 30% less than the same items if purchased at market or at the farmstore. Plus, members get a 10% discount on any additional produce purchases at the market or farmstore.  

Eat Healthier: Farm membership introduces you to new vegetables and new varieties, with ideas on how to enjoy them. With so much fresh, diverse, high-quality produce available, farm members find that eating the recommended daily servings of daily vegetables is pure pleasure, instead of a challenge.  

Fall in Love: Over a season of eating from the farm, you’ll come to see and understand food differently, and develop a special relationship with the farm, the farmers, and your fellow eaters. 

Choosing a Feedbag size

A small-size farm membership is meant for a single person or a 2-person household that doesn’t eat a lot of vegetables.  It also works for a household of 2 who have a garden of their own, or who want to fill the bag once a week, then also top up with purchases at the farmstore or market for the rest of the week. 

Households of 3 or more should opt for a full-size feedbag; otherwise you’ll soon find yourself squishing your veggies in order to fit everything that you’d like into the bag.  A vegetable-loving household of two people, especially if they like to do a little bit of of freezing or canning, has no trouble using up a full-size bag each week. We even have a few ambitious singles who do a large feedbag on their own. 

What to Expect

We build our growing plans around providing a diverse and balanced selection throughout the season.  Each week, expect to to chose from several types of salad greens (baby lettuce mix, spicy mix, arugula, spinach, baby kale, and head lettuces), cooking greens (kale, chard, collards, boc choi, etc.), some herbs or micro greens (cilantro, dill, basil, chives, etc.), some kind of allium (scallions, onions, leeks, and garlic), and roots (beets, carrots, potatoes, turnips, radishes, etc.).  By summer and fall the diversity includes the familiar veggies of zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, winter squash, and more. In 2019, our growing plan is over 50 different crops!

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