Introducing the SweetRoot Eatership Fund

We'll be honest: it's a good thing we are able to eat from the farm at no charge.  In these early years of building our farm business, our income would not allow us to afford our own farm membership, and we know we are not alone in being on a tight budget. A part of our farm mission is to help more families gain access to healthy, sustainably grown local food, so in 2017 we started the Sweetroot Eatership Fund to help feed more of our community.

Just like a scholarship helps cover the costs of attending school or college, an eatership helps bridge the gap between the cost of a farm membership and what a household can afford to pay.  We know many families in the Bitterroot are eager to eat well and support local farms, but lack the financial means to purchase produce in the quantities they need. If you or someone you know fits that description, please apply or nominate a household in the form below.  If you have the means to help these families, please consider donating to the eatership fund

For the past several years, the generosity of farm supporters has helped us hit our goal offering eatership support to 5-8 households (10-15% of our membership). Eatership members pay what they can afford, which typically ranges from 10%-75% of the membership of their choice. Eatership recipients have included single moms, young families, new business owners, Americorps volunteers, and elders on fixed income. They were extremely grateful for the support, and we were delighted to be able to welcome them into the farm, with your help.  

If you are in need of a little bit of help for this 2019 growing season, please fill out this simple form. We keep all your personal information confidential.

Fill out this form to apply or nominate:  

Name *
Are you applying for your household or nominating someone else? *
What type of membership are you interested in? If you are not sure, you can choose more than one.
To determine the amount of your eatership, we’ll subtract your contribution from the total cost of the membership you are interested in.

Your donation allows us to feed families who cannot afford their choice of farm membership.  Our goal this year is to help 10-15 families who might not otherwise be able to join.

Donate to the Eatership