We are proud of our CSA. Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program) is a weekly vegetable subscription service that you pickup for your family, household or friends at our farm. It's the core of our business and represents the connection we aspire to have between a community of growers and eaters. We think it's perfect if you eat a lot, or if you don't, it's perfect for sharing part of the local growing season and harvest. It's also vital to our business. Our 15 members last year completely funded the construction of our farm-built walk-in cooler.  We are hoping to grow our program just a bit more this year, and have a goal of 25 members -- enough so we can keep this program personal, and have a good chance at running a successful and vibrant diversified farm. Descriptions are below, and you can email us with questions or to setup payment - we are more than happy to setup payment plans over the course of the summer. You can pay us online (below), by check, or at the farm. Our other subscription style programs, new for 2016, are also listed below.